Calculating '.$_POST[Listeners].' listeners @ '.$_POST[Bitrate].'kbps over '.$_POST[TimeLength].' '.$_POST[Time].'(s)

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'.number_format($Answer).' kilobits or '.number_format($Answer/8).' kilobytes or '.number_format(($Answer/8)/1000).' Megabytes'; if(strlen(($Answer/8)/1000)>3) $screen.=' or '.round((($Answer/8)/1000000),3).' Gigabytes'; $screen.='

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...The Answer Is:

'.round($Answer).' listeners

Note: The answer listed above does not take into consideration any fluxuations in your Upload speed.
It is suggested that you subtract a few listeners from this when configuring your server to make sure there is no skipping or buffering.

'; $screen.=showcalc(); break; case "3": //TTSL * Bitrate = Bandwidth //First Calculate Bitrate @ per-hour $PerHourBitrate=$_POST[Bitrate]*60*60; $Answer=$_POST[TTSL]*$PerHourBitrate; $screen.='Calculating Bandwidth Usage based on 30-day TTSL of '.number_format($_POST[TTSL]).' @ '.$_POST[Bitrate].'kbps

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'.number_format($Answer).' kilobits or '.number_format($Answer/8).' kilobytes or '.number_format(($Answer/8)/1000).' Megabytes or '.number_format(($Answer/8)/1000000).' Gigabytes

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30-day TTSL from   Streaming Bitrate Calculate Used Bandwidth
TTSL * kbps

Available Bandwidth   Streaming Bitrate Calculate Maximum Listeners
kbps Upload / kbps

Streaming Bitrate   Length of Time Streaming   Number of Listeners Calculate Bandwidth Usage
kbps * * listeners
'; return($screen); } DrawScreen(1,'Streaming Bandwidth Calculator - Calculate your MP3 Bandwidth Usage',"","
Bandwidth Calculator

This page has been ressurrected from the dead so that myself as well as others may continue to use this bandwidth calculator. This calculator calculates the theoretical maximum number of listeners or the maximum amount of bandwidth needed for a certain number of listeners. Beyond the numbers calculated here, you should calculate in a 10-15% overhead for network congestion, latency, and maximum real-world speeds.


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